Home-Baking made simple thanks to Bake It Easy!

I adore baking, and have done for many years. My mother is outstanding when it comes to baking and cooking, and ‘licking the spoon’ was a common occurence in our house growing up as there was always some yummy baking to sample. I try to bake at least once a week as I prefer home-made sweet treats to shop bought items! It is sometimes difficult to find the time to whip out the oven gloves, and weighing scales. However, thanks to a County Kerry woman time is no longer an excuse when it comes to producing high quality, yummy treats ready in minutes.


Last Saturday, I attended the Irish Bloggers Association Conference in Dublin. There was an abundance of beautiful stands on the day selling and promoting their wares. One particular stand jumped at me instantly with its colour, and cute display, and that was the Bake it Easy stand. I ended up chatting to Maria and Grainne about the products. Bake it Easy was established by Maria Brosnan, from County Kerry, a busy mum and wife with a flair for baking. I just adore the concept of her business. She decided to produce high quality baking ingredients, package, and sell them so that anybody could bring a touch of home-baking into their home. As you can see from the images, the packaging is almost sweet enough to eat, and the ingredients are amazing. Bake it Easy stock a range of cookie mixes. I purchased three mixes on the day, the white chocolate and cranberry, double belgian chocolate, and the smarties cookies mix. There are almost ten more cookie mixes to choose from, one more delicious than the next.

I couldn’t wait to try out Maria’s wares. So what did I think ?


The packaging promises quick, easy cookies, and my god did it deliver! It is as simple as melting 100g butter and letting it cool, then mixing it in with one egg. In a separate bowl, you pour the entire jar’s contents, and mix thoroughly in order to remove any lumps and bumps, then mixing the two together, and blending with a wooden spoon! Place the cookies on an ungreased baking tray, and into the oven at 180 degrees for around 12 minutes. Voila! Possibly some of the nicest cookies I have ever tasted!! They went down a treat in my house, and the smell of warm home-made cookies is still wafting through the kitchen as I write this! I refuse to blog about products and things that I do not like, or haven’t tried personally myself, but the Bake It Easy products are stunning!



A big thumbs up to Maria and congratulations on creating such a high-standard product, and keeping it simple! These products are sure to enhance many a rainy day for Mums, and kids alike, and some of the not so little kids such as myself 🙂 I am only delighted that I purchased three jars, and I look forward to placing another order with Bake It Easy and telling family and friends alike about these amazing products! I do believe also that it is important to support small Irish businesses such as Bake It Easy, and it is heartwarming to see them go from strength to strength.


Bake It Easy products are beginning to circulate the country now, I spotted a stand in SuperValu only a few days ago. They can also be ordered online at http://www.bakeiteasy.ie/ where they retail for €5 each. They really make the perfect addition to any kitchen, so get baking!






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