Beauty Collaboration Corner with… HOB Make Up Artistry.


Welcome to the fourth instalment of The Littlest Polkadot Beauty Collaboration Corner! This beauty section explores all things cosmetics, brands, and skincare with the help of a much sought after Irish Make Up Artist. It is a beauty section with a twist, as there is a feature on a different Make Up artist each week! They  will be talking you through the  different aspects of the cosmetics industry, with their own various opinion on certain brands, and techniques! There will be interviews, Q & A sections, Vlogs, and tutorials featured in this section throughout the coming months! I adore all things make-up, and love to watch tutorials , and find new techniques, so I thought, why not liaise with the amazingly talented ladies we have here in Ireland to bring you home grown tutorials, and tips, at the click of a button! If you are a new follower, and you missed the other instalments, simply have a look around my blog, and you will find it .:)

Meet this week’s featured Make-Up Artist.. HOB Make Up Artistry.



HOB Make Up Artistry is the brainchild of the beautiful Bernie O’ Driscoll Haniffy. Having lived in Perth for the past seven years, and trained there, this Irish lady has worked as both a nurse and a Make Up Artist, WA with SC Artistry and is relocating to Athlone and hopes to free lance at home in the Westmeath /Offaly and bordering areas!  Bernie works in bridal, fashion and editorial.  With SC Artistry she has been part of the creative team for fashion shows such as Perth African Fashion Week, Oasis Ball, Urban couture and many other events! Bernie is thrilled to be relocating to Ireland soon . I can’t thank Bernie enough for coming on board and liasing with The Littlest Polkadot on this feature, and I think you’ll agree her feature is quite a useful one, and a great guide for anyone jetting off to the sun over the coming months!

Catch Bernie of HOB Make Up Artistry across various social media platforms, and show the love by checking out some of her pages.. 🙂

Facebook: HOB Makeup Artistry

Instagram:  @hob_makeup_artistry!


For this week’s feature Bernie has decided to write about travelling with make-up, and the essentials for any make-up bag whilst travelling. 



I am sitting here in Auckland about to head off sight seeing debating whether to put makeup on! I very much need it after an overnight flight from Perth and 30 minutes shut eye on the flight! We resorted to taking a nap in the rental car while waiting for our room in the hotel to be ready! I’ve decided to go makeup free as we are off to hike on a volcano at sunset! 

But how this piece came about was when we were packing up our belongings to ship home to Ireland before our 8 weeks of travels before returning to the Emerald Isle I had the daunting task as a MUA to pack the ‘essentials’ as I only have a 20kg luggage allowance! It then made me think of the dilemma we all face when travelling whether it been around the world, weekend away with your partner or girlfriends or glamping at a festival!  So here are some of my tips and what made the cut for our 8 week trip! I did struggle as we are in New Zealand for 3 weeks and then Asia so two very different climates to consider!
But here are my top 5 must haves or non negotiable!
1.  Brush cleaner and sanitiser:
So at the moment I have the Mac Brush Cleanser and Inglot brush sanitiser with me.  The must important thing is to keep your brushes fresh and clean even when on the go!! Nothing worse than having break outs for your perfect instagram snaps of your travels!
2. The Pippa Palette teamed with Inglot duraline:
Inglot-Duraline-REVIEW-1              pippa-palette.jpg
I said see you soon to some of my palettes as the they were packed up and shipped home! But this is such a great palette! Works for my skin tone and so many looks can be created from a classic eye with the Browns and a dramatic smokey eye (like the Chloe Boucher you tube demo). I added the duraline as this little pot of magic can turn the colours into a liquid liner and colours to play with! Hello winged eyeliner! It had the trio of blush, Contour and highlight! I just love this highlight! I particularly love it as it can be applied lightly for a day time look and then built up for the night!
3. It’s all about the base …..
It really is ladies! Make sure you pack your moisturiser and primer! Having your skin ready to apply your foundation is key to a flawless look and keep you looking fresh and radiant all day long! Also make sure your moisturiser has an SPF in it, nothing like a good scalding to ruin the holiday snaps not to mention the peeling that comes after! This comes from an Irish girl who forget her sun hat on the a cruise and snorkel of the Great Barrier Reef and applied sunscreen all over but my scalp and guess what, I got burnt! Finally just pop in your favourite foundation and concealer or do as I am and treating yourself to some new foundation and concealer in duty free!
4.  Multi use products:
I have taken the Becca beach tint with me! This is fab on the lips, cheeks and even eyes! I use it as a primer on my eyes to build up colours! And best of all it is not going to take up to much space in your makeup bag!
5.  Mascara:
It’s a bit of well obvs sort of beauty product but a water proof mascara is essential! No one wants panda eyes!
But the best thought I had during the packing process was ‘hello, duty free makeup shopping!’ So if any of you wonderful ladies have any tips on makeup shopping in Asia let me know!
Bernie x






I really hope you enjoyed Bernie’s top tips for travel make-up. I loved it, and will be taking plenty of notes for my Summer holidays! Inglot’s Duraline has been a common denominator in everyone’s features to date, so get on it ladies! A brilliant product! Thanks so much to HOB Make Up artistry for being so forthcoming with her advice, and we cannot wait to have her back again. Show her some love and go find her on social media.

Until next week… x



*All of the images above represent Bernie’s work as a Make Up Artist*


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