A luxurious face-oil for a fraction of the cost…

Aldi is not generally a place us women would turn to for cosmetics, and beauty products! However, on my weekly  grocery shop over the weekend, I picked up this little bottle of Lacura face treatment oil. Priced at €5.99, it was definately worth a shot! The packaging was gorgeous, and the bottle itself has a little drop applicator, which made for a cute addition to my bathroom cosmetics basket.


Skincare is something that I admittedly have neglected for years, and I will put my hands up in saying that a quick sweep of  a face-wipe, and a dab of moisturiser here and there was the height of my skincare routine! I heard a saying a while back from a wise friend ‘After thirty, you get the skin you deserve’, meaning if you neglect your skin, and caring for it in your twenties, it will come back to haunt you in later years. This really struck a chord with me, and did prompt me to start taking better care of my own skin.

In the past few months, I have started to cleanse, tone, and moisturise morning and night and I will admit that my skin feels a lot better for giving it a little bit of attention. I try to steer away from face-wipes where I can, as they can be harsh on the skin. I invested in a  good quality cleanser, a high street- toner, and moisturiser. I love going to bed at night feeling that my skin is nourished.

I tried this face treatment oil over the weekend after my regular routine, and I must admit it is a stellar product! You simply open the bottle, use the drop applicator to run two to three drops of product into your face. A little appears to go a long way with this product. It is reccomended to use it morning after cleansing, or at night. It contains Macadamia Nut oil, and Argan oil. Who doesn’t love some Argan Oil?! It smells divine, almost like oranges. It gives you the luxurious feeling of a post-facial oil, and you can feel your skin being nourished. I cannot reccomend this product highly enough. The price is amazing, and judging by the amount needed daily, the bottle should last for quite a while! Trust me, you will want this product in your skincare collection. I am thrilled with my purchase. I just love finding little gems every now and then, and this product certainly delivers.




This week, include this on your Aldi shopping list. You won’t regret it! I would love to hear your feedback on this face oil.


Happy Tuesday x





Disclaimer: *This is not a sponsored product review. All opinions are my own*

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