No more panda eyes…


Last night was a blast.. or at least you think it was! You are slowly but surely starting to come to terms with the impending hangover that is slowly making it’s presence known. You make your way to the bathroom. Life status is at coping. Until, you pass the mirror in the hall en route to the toilet! Staring at the mirror in utter horror, the reflection in the mirror resembles something of a panda, that was dragged backwards through a bog! Obviously, in your inebriated state last night, cleaning off your face of make-up completely slipped your mind!

We are all guilty of this at times, and those who say they aren’t are telling a few porky pies! The effort of cleansing, toning, and moisturising after a big night out, just isn’t realistic! There is nothing worse than waking up with panda eyes, and pillows decorated with mascara. It really doesn’t help things along the next morning at all!

But fear not, I want to share with you all, a gem of a product! My friend recommended it to me a couple of years back, and I won’t be without it since! Retailing at €5.99  in Boots nationwide, and the UK. It is called Botanics All Bright Eye Make up Remover. It comes in a handy 150ml bottle. It really is a magic! Upon first use, you shake the bottle to activate the hibiscus inside. Hibiscus is a natural brightener, with a lovely pink shade. It is in oil form, and you can really feel your eyes waken up after use. It also removes any waterproof mascara, and exfoliates the skin around your eyes gently! Did i mention it was magic?!

I ADORE this product, and have been using it for a year or two now! So quick and easy to use! If you are passing a Boots store this weekend, do yourself a favour, and pick up this magical potion. Accompanied by some face wipes, they  will prohibit any post-night out nightmares!


Happy weekend guys


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