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Wedding Day

Summer wedding season is upon us! The weather appears to be taking the hint, and the evenings are getting longer. Bliss!

I love weddings. I have witnessed my fair share of wedding receptions, and ceremonies over the years, as a wedding singer! Time and time again, it is the finer details that really add to the overall atmosphere of the day . I just love when you walk into a wedding reception, and you can sense that a lot of thought has been put into the theme of the day . It often strikes me that the DIY, hand-crafted, and more inexpensive touches to the day can be nicer than the generic, costly decorations. I decided to compile some ideas that are inexpensive, and thoughtful, that will enhance your big day. Enjoy!

Wedding favours…

I love sitting down to a wedding meal to find that the favours are really unique. Wedding favours are most definately a facet of your wedding day, that with a little bit of thought, and research, you can put together really easily, and for a small price.


I adore this one in particular . Everyone is given a little packet of flower seeds, to sow when they go home, as a reminder of the special day. Etsy have these beautiful brown paper packages of seeds, that can be personalised for the couple. They are also very pocket-friendly at €15.37.

Shop here :



Not forgetting the children, I spotted these cool children wedding favour activity and colouring books on the Etsy website, which in my opinion, are just a fab idea! They will keep the children entertained throughout the speeches, and will also make for nice memorabilia of the day . They come complete with colouring pencils, and at €3.19, you really can’t go wrong!

Shop here :



Decorating your venue to your taste, or the next day venue, doesn’t have to be expensive! You can pick up all sorts of bits and bobs online, or in small stores, even head to your local craft shop, and roll up them sleeves! A few nice bits I spotted earlier feature below…



These packets of wedding signage above are from Penneys stores. At a mere price of €3 a packet, they will not break the bank, and will add a cute, vintage touch to your day, or next day proceedings. The bunting, in particular is tasteful, and easy to assemble.



I featured Wedding letters Ireland on a blog post last week. Have a read of it under my weddings categories. This lighting system will really enhance your special day, giving it a unique edge!



The hashtag is ruling the world these days, so why not bring your own personalised hashtag into your wedding day . Again, Etsy, appears to be a one stop shop for all things wedding. The wooden personalised hashtag sign retails at €45.27, but will really add the personal touch to your day in photo’s etc. It can also be handy to have your own personalised hashtag for your wedding day, to compile guests photo’s of the day!

Shop here:



Having trouble figuring out how to number your tables, and don’t want the generic laminated numbers? Here’s your solution. These gorgeous glitter numbers are available from Etsy . Simply pop them in little jars, or into flower centepieces to add some glitz to the proceedings! They retail at €9.05 for a pack of 5. Cheap and cheerful!

Shop here:


Wedding guest books….

Guest books are a beautiful souvenir for the bide and groom to look back on after the wedding. If you want something different, here are two ideas, both from Etsy.


This is a great idea! Have every guest sign a little heart, and drop it into the frame after! It looks fab, and makes for a nice addition to your home! A beautiful way to remeber your wedding guests! €54.33 from Etsy.

Shop here :


Have your wedding guests sign a canvas picture instead, which can be personalised for you! I love this! So pretty, and a lovely souvenir of the day! So cheap too, at €22.46.

Shop here:

Anyway, these are just some ideas that may help to enhance your own special day! I had great fun researching these bits! Hope this post inspired some of you!

Happy Thursday!


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