Beauty Collaboration Corner with… Pretties and Pearls

Welcome to the sixth instalment of The Littlest Polkadot Beauty Collaboration Corner! This beauty section explores all things cosmetics, brands, and skincare with the help of a much sought after Irish Make Up Artists and Beauty Bloggers. It is a beauty section with a twist, as there is a feature on a different Beauty professional each week! They  will be talking you through the  different aspects of the cosmetics industry, with their own various opinions on certain brands, experiences, and techniques! There will be interviews, Q & A sections, Vlogs, and tutorials featured in this section throughout the coming months! I adore all things make-up, and love to watch tutorials , and find new techniques, so I thought, why not liaise with the amazingly talented ladies we have here in Ireland to bring you home grown tutorials, and tips, at the click of a button! If you are a new follower, and you missed the other instalments, simply have a look around my blog, and you will find them .:)


Meet this week’s featured Beauty expert… Pretties and Pearls



A Little about Pretties and Pearls

Pretties&Pearls is a personal blog established by Aoibhínn Fitzgerald . Obsessed with all things pretties and pearls , Aoibhínn loves nothing more than a beauty bargain and is always on the search for hidden gems. Sharing Beauty tips & tricks and pursuing all things ‘pretty’ you will find honest reviews on makeup , tan , trends and more on

Aoibhínn also runs a popular facebook group for beauty bloggers called ‘LOVE BEAUTY IRELAND‘. Through this group, she has enabled beauty bloggers to share their blogs and reccomendations. The Littlest Polkadot is thrilled to have Pretties and Pearls feature on this week’s Beauty Collaboration Corner.

Show Aoibhínn some love across her social media platforms..

Snapchat: @prettyandp


Twitter: prettiesndpearlz

Facebook: PrettiesandPearls.


The 5 ‘T’ Top Beauty Tips and Tricks All Woman Need To know according to Pretties and Pearls..

1.Tanning Tip

If you know this tip already you’ll think I’m mad but you’d be surprised..Before you set yourself up to tan , after your shower and shave you must moisturize your body head to toe. You do this to hydrate your skin but also to prevent your tan sticking deep into your pores causing that black spotty effect.


2. Troublesome Tights

A great beauty tip is to spray your tights in a light layer of hairspray before you head out the door. This causes the fibers in your tights to stick together to prevent snags, ladders and rips to your tights.

3.  Thankful Tissue

As old as the idea to always have a tissue in your handbag is it’s still relevant and necessary. Been to lunch and no napkin? Lost the back of your ear-ring and need to safely store the rest? Sticky sweet situation? Any part of your makeup no longer on fleek? and most importantly lending a tissue to a girl in need. Tissue thankfuls are endless! Just leave one in your bag ladies, you never know.

4. Toenail Tell Tales.

A lot of us woman forget our toenails are just as important as our perfectly shaped and shellac fingernails. After all we walk on our feet all day and cram them into those ridiculous heels that quiet frankly hurt like hell! Don’t for get to pamper those piggies! A couple of ideas are to steep your feet while watching a movie. Massage your feet before bed for 5 minutes, apply Burt’s Bee’s foot wax on your feet and sleep with socks on top. A monthly pedicure or simply paint your pretty toes.


5. Teeth.

A smile is every woman’s curve.Teeth whitening has gone very big in the last few years. We’re all using teeth whitening strips and kits at home and looking for the best whitening effect toothpaste so we can have that so sought after Hollywood Smile. here are some handy tips for whiter teeth, use enough but not TOO much Fluoride .Brush twice a day and floss. Change your toothbrush 3-4 tomes in a year.Rinse or chew gum after meals. Don’t smoke, Eat smart, avoid sugary foods and have regular dentist check-ups.



I hope you have enjoyed my ‘T’ Top beauty tricks!



The Littlest Polkadot would like to extend a huge then you to Aoibhínn for taking time out of her busy schedule to collaborate with us to pass on some tips to beauty lovers everywhere. Check her out on social media and show some love to her amazing blog Pretties and Pearls.

Until next week! x 



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