Beauty Collaboration Corner with… Carrie Cunningham MUA.


Welcome to the fifth instalment of The Littlest Polkadot Beauty Collaboration Corner! This beauty section explores all things cosmetics, brands, and skincare with the help of a much sought after Irish Make Up Artist. It is a beauty section with a twist, as there is a feature on a different Make Up artist each week! They  will be talking you through the  different aspects of the cosmetics industry, with their own various opinions on certain brands, experiences, and techniques! There will be interviews, Q & A sections, Vlogs, and tutorials featured in this section throughout the coming months! I adore all things make-up, and love to watch tutorials , and find new techniques, so I thought, why not liaise with the amazingly talented ladies we have here in Ireland to bring you home grown tutorials, and tips, at the click of a button! If you are a new follower, and you missed the other instalments, simply have a look around my blog, and you will find it .:)


Meet this week’s featured Make-Up Artist.. Carrie Cunningham MUA.



I have personally been really looking forward to this collaboration. Carrie is one of my favourite Make-Up Artists and has taken the Irish Make-Up scene by storm. Her Facebook page boasts over 12,000 fans and she has worked in the industry for a few years now at a professional level. Carrie kindly took time out of her hectic schedule to liaise with The Littlest Polkadot to chat about her own personal experiences in the cosmetics industry, and to encourage others considering a career in make-up artistry or blogging to take a leap of faith, and just go for it! If you fit into this category, this is a must-read. I think Carrie’s work speaks for itself through her images. Carrie now works for MAC at Brown Thomas, and has worked for Urban Decay in the past among other brands. Carrie is also a freelance Make-Up Artist.  Head on over to her Facebook page and Instagram to share the love…

Facebook: Makeup by Carrie

Instagram: carrie_mua



When did you develop an interest in makeup?

I have always had a passion for makeup ever since I was small. I used to destroy my moms makeup from a young age :)I really fell in love with makeup when I moved to Galway and bought my first Mac lipstick.


Was make-up originally just a hobby for you?

 I suppose it was always a hobby (even though I wasn’t always good) iv always loved to do funky and eccentric styles.


How did you decide to pursue it?

I had a job in Burger king, and I hated it so much. One day I saw a clip in the paper to become a makeup artist and I just knew it was meant to be!


 How do you find the industry in terms of competitiveness?

To be honest it’s the hardest industry out there as most people are amazing at doing their own makeup and there’s usually 20 girls applying for one job. It’s a hard industry to crack but when you do,it’s the most amazing job out there!


How did you feel about all the attention your page gained?

I don’t think it’s hit me properly yet but I am just so grateful for every single person that has liked my page and thankful that people haven’t got sick of looking at my awkward selfies 😂 I don’t think it has changed me whatsoever and I don’t think it ever will!


 Are there any negative aspects of the industry?

There are so many negatives to having a page but the good out weighs the bad. The worst is that you are so exposed to people and some people are just out to be rude and I don’t think they understand the impact that they can have on someone! Thankfully I have thick skin so I just brush it straight off! I am aware also that not everyone is going to like my style and that’s fine.


What advice would you give to other girls looking to create a page or start blogging?

My best advice would be to just do bite the bullet and do it! It’s the scariest,craziest rewarding thing you can do. As I said already not everyone is going to like you or your style but there’s plenty of amazing people who will! Don’t let any stupid comments get to you,it’s your style and YOUR page you control it,positive vibes only!💕





The Littlest Polkadot would like to extend a huge then you to Carrie for taking time out of her busy schedule to pass on some inspiring insights to up and coming Make-Up Artists and bloggers. Check her out on social media where she is soon adding a Snapchat Account wit her tips and tricks. We hope to have Carrie back again to feature in the coming months!


Until next week! x 


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