Beauty Collaboration Corner with… Sharon Dmake.

Welcome to the third instalment of The Littlest Polkadot Beauty Collaboration Corner! This beauty section explores all things cosmetics, brands, and skincare with the help of a much sought after Irish Make Up Artist. It is a beauty section with a twist, as there is a feature on a different Make Up artist each week! They  will be talking you through the  different aspects of the cosmetics industry, with their own various opinion on certain brands, and techniques! There will be interviews, Q & A sections, Vlogs, and tutorials featured in this section throughout the coming months! I adore all things make-up, and love to watch tutorials , and find new techniques, so I thought, why not liaise with the amazingly talented ladies we have here in Galway to bring you home grown tutorials, and tips, at the click of a button! If you are a new follower, and you missed Part one and two, simply have a look around my blog, and you will find them .:)



Meet this week’s featured Make Up Artist… Sharon Dmake.


Sharon Dmake is of English descent, and now lives in County Galway with her family. She is an award winning Make-Up artist, and hairdresser. A familiar face at many prestigious photo-shoots, Sharon has worked with some of the best in the business. The images in this feature speak for themselves, and are all Sharon’s work. Sharon is also a regular feature on front of the camera, as she models also. Her knowledge of the beauty and modelling industry knows no ends. Sharon is a joy to work with, and The Littlest Polkadot would like to thank her for her input, and we hope to have Sharon back again for another feature.

Contact Sharon on social media…

Snap Chat: sharondhmua




I am so  thrilled to have Sharon on-board for this week’s feature. Sharon decided to go with a feature on the red lip. A timeless make-up trend. Here are Sharon’s tips on how to perfect that red lip, and which shades suit the various skin tones.



SS2016 Has seen the trend of the red lip hit the catwalks, usually a lippie seen around Winter. Well it’s here now!  So what’s the right shade for you? Heres a few tips:


Fair Skin

Hats have to go off to Taylor Swift she is a great example along with Marilyn herself of how a fair skinned gal can rock the red lip. Fair skinned faces look great with a pure classic red tone and should avoid like the plague any reds that carry a hint of pink.


Medium Skin

Medium skin types can also use a bright classic red but in general darker reds work best to really add a colour pop to medium gals.


Dark Skin

On dark skin deep reds tend to dull, but for amazing reds on dark skin look out for a red with a orange tint.

So once you have picked the right shade for you here’s  5 Steps to getting the Perfect Red pout:


Prep prep prep!

Prep your lips, with the change in weather we tend to have dry or cracked lips but the perfect red lips need a good base. Softly brush lips with a toothbrush and apply balm as part of your skin care routine. Also apply a layer of balm before starting the rest of your make up and leave to let it soften.


Lip Pencil

Wipe off balm before starting lips and take a matching lip pencil to line the outer part of your lip. Not outside your line – then colour the rest of your lips with the liner. This not only helps to stop the lipstick bleeding into the fine lines but colouring the lips will ensure a good base and the colour will be there long after the lipstick has worn off.

Lip Brush

Essential for control when applying a red lip, Once done tissue blot and reapply for better  and longer lasting colour.


Apply a small amount of concealer around the lip edge to truly avoid lip bleed or smudges.

Finger Trick

Then the finger trick, this helps to avoid that horrid lipstick on the teeth look. Place index finger in mouth, place lips around it and pull out slowly any excess lippie will go onto the finger not the teeth – Surveys have been done and on average we sallow a lot of lippie in a life time!


So there you have it! All of Sharon’s amazing tips and tricks for getting that iconic red lip look just right. The red lip is also bang on trend as we have seen in Summer releases. A huge thank you to Sharon for being so forthcoming with her beauty knowledge. Show the love by checking her out across her social media platforms. The images below are some more examples of Sharon’s stunning work! Happy Tuesday x




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