‘What song should I walk down the aisle to?’…


A question I have been asked countless times by brides to be. My answer is always the same, as it really depends on the couple in question, and their taste in music, and preference. I can however guide people along the right path! I thought I would write a short blog feature on this topic. After all, the Summer wedding season is looming, and it may be crunch time for some of you to get those ceremony songs picked!


Regardless of whether you are getting married in a church, or a hotel, or elsewhere, you will still need that all important song to walk down the aisle to. Some prefer a piece of music for this special moment. As I said it really is a preference thing for the couple in question! Having sung at hundreds of weddings over the years, with a full Summer of bookings ahead, I will go through some options!

A key factor being that both the bride and groom should agree on the processional song, as it is such a monumental moment in your ceremony, and it tends to set the mood for the rest of the ceremony. I always advise couples to keep a theme flowing through your ceremony music i.e, a traditional, secular, popular, classical etc. Or at least keep a good mix of secular songs, and another genre. This method also keeps your priest, or master of ceremonies happy too, as they generally prefer a more religious theme at the beginning, and your own choices from Communion onwards!


Below are some tried and tested processional songs, and my opinions on them!

How long will I love you 

This Ellie Goulding song which rose to fame through the movie ‘About Time’ a couple of years ago has remained a firm favourite among brides of 2015 ad 2016. it is simply a beautiful song, with stunning words, and really adds to the general ambience and emotion of this special moment. I highly reccomend it if you are a fan of the song, and have been humming and hawwing over your song choice. Tried, and tested, it really works, and will have people talking about it for the day! Definately a good option! Also, a popular first dance.

She moved through the fair

If you are leaning towards a more traditional Irish theme fr your wedding ceremony music, this is a great option for entering the church, as it is such a beautiful song. It can be sung unaccompanied, or with accompaniment. Either works! Guest tend to love this choice, as it’s familiar to most people! It has a lovely raw emotion to it, and a wedding theme, so once again, a great choice for walking down the aisle to.

The Book of Love

My own personal favourite! Watch the finale of Scrubs, you will see what I mean! It is just stunning. I reccomend listening to the Peter Gabriel version, or Airborne Toxic Event! You will need the Kleenex at the ready for this one. Lyrically, musically, emotionally perfect! Again, a perfect, timeless song to walk down the aisle to!

Rainy Night in Soho

Songs don’t come much better than this one by Shane McGowan. Simpy stunning. Again, if you want a more traditional themed ceremony, this will be right up your street! I reccomend the Damien Dempsey version, as it’s more church appropriate! This is requested a lot at weddings, and works very well, also as a first dance!

To make you feel my love 

This Adele number is requested all the time!It works so well here, and guests adore it! The words are stunning, and appropriate. It is also long enough to get your bridal party , and yourself down the aisle with plenty of time. Just a lovely song, and works well on piano or guitar!


Declan O Rourke penned this stunning song, many moons ago, and it proves as a cute, quirky song at wedding ceremonies! Male singers tend to sing it best. It fits into a traditional theme nicely. I adore this song. Not too popular either, which can be a good thing!

Glasgow Love Theme

‘Love Actually’ fans will recognise this theme tune! A stunning piece of music. Granted, you will need more than one musician for it to be delivered properly. Preferably, a string section! If you are splashing out on your ceremony music, this is the piece for you! Ooxing with romance 🙂

Feels like Home

I have been singing this at weddings for years, and it always gives me a lump in my throat! A song that almost everybody knows and remembers fondly from ‘Dawson’s Creek’, it is still really popular! Works so well, if you are going for a more popular theme in your music. A gem!

Nella Fantasia

More affectionately known as Gabriels Oboe among some, this is one for the classical themed ceremony. A beautiful piece of music which envokes emotion, and is popular. Fits in very well here for the processional music. Can be sung, or played!


The list is endless really These are just a guideline, and some of my favourites. I know the church music industry like the back of my hand, and all of the above work so well! If you would like a further blog post on the wedding ceremony music in general, please let me know. Hope this blog has helped some of you make that all important decision. Get the You-Tube out, and start listening!



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