Nivea… not just for men

The Priming Messiah has landed, and it just so happens, the men of the world cracked onto it a lot quicker than our good selves…

This product has held residency in our bathroom cabinet for as long as I can remember. It is a staple product amongst dads, brothers, and boyfriends everywhere! Little did the female population of the world know that it would soon become a staple product in their make-up bags also!

Having flitted through an article somewhere a couple of months back, about the new benefits of Nivea Post Shave Balm as a make -up primer, I had to give it a whirl! Show week was looming! This particular week of the year, for me means layers of foundation, and heavy make-up! Needing a good primer, I swapped my Smashbox primer with the Nivea post shave balm for the week, mainly due to not wanting to waste my good primer every night of the show, as it’s so expensive! The smell is initially quite off-putting, as it smells like a male product, but once you get over this minute detail, the product is simply amazing!! Giving you long-lasting make up for hours, it glides on, and has a lovely gel texture, leaving your skin really soft, and preparing your skin for foundation. The product, which contains glycerine, a key ingredient to a good skin primer, provides the perfect base for your make-up! The not so lovely smell literally dissapears the minute your foundation is applied, so no need to worry about that! I used it for the entire week, and found it to be simply perfect! I will admit, the mundane packaging won’t send you sprinting to the shops, but retailing at just under €6 in most pharmacies nationwide, it doesn’t break the bank, allowing you to spend more on a good foundation! I have been using the balm as a primer for months now, and can’t see msyelf reaching for my Smashbox primer anytime soon!


If you haven’t already tried out this little gem, get on it! By the looks of things, the beauty world is switching to this product, having read rave reviews everywhere, and it is flying off the shelves! My boyfriend is still scratching his head regarding the mystery surrounding the dissapearance of his post shave balm 😉

Would love to hear your opinions on the product. I adore it!


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  1. Me too. Love it. Save a lot of bucks I use Mac prep and prime base infrequently now. 😊😊


    1. Same as! More money to spend on my other Make-Up favourites xx

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