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I am a girl who just loves her quirky, cute bits, and a good D.I.Y project! There is nothing more satisfying than settling into a little crafting, and seeing something you have created yourself come together! My house is full of beautiful, quirky items that I have gathered over the years. When it comes to fashion, the same applies. A bold, colourful, statement accessory can set any outfit alight!


I adore Instagram, and Pinterest, and scrolling for hours through pictures, and idea’s for home-making, and beauty items. I recently came across a new Irish business on facebook that goes by the name of ‘Cute Kitsch’. This page sprung off the screen at me, as it was so full of colour! The array of accessories, stationary, and arts and crafts bits and bobs is a feast for the eyes!



Cute Kitsch is the brain-child of two lovely ladies, Kasia, and Carrie. Carrie, being Irish, and Kasia, coming from Poland originally, but has lived here, in Ireland for many years. These two Dublin based ladies, fed up of the monotony of their 9-5 work lives, turned to crafting, and blogging. Something, they both enjoyed and that gave their daily lives that extra bit of fulfilment it needed! Together, they formed Cute Kitsch. It is a very recent development, but is really taking off, both here at home, and abroad!

I was beyond thrilled when Cute Kitsch sent me on a little gift featuring items they have sourced, and crafted to have a look at! The postman received a bigger smile than usual this morning! This month’s Cute Kitsch subscription box theme is ‘Foxy Chic’, and items included some beautiful, quirky foxy accessories, and stationary. The colours just explode when you open your Cute Kitsch box! I simply can’t wait to get cracking at making the felt fox, and using some of the ribbons for various projects! As you can see from the pictures, the array of items in every monthly subscription box, will really fuel your imagination, and your add a huge splash of colour to your house, wardrobe, and crafts!



Kasia, and Carrie, are both so approachable, and enthusiastic for their work. This is evident also through their vibrant website. More detail on how to subscribe for their monthly boxes, or how to order individual items available here.

The Cute Kitsch instagram, and facebook pages are a joy to scroll through, You can’t help but get excited at their beautiful produce! Have a look for yourself!

Meanwhile, I’m off to explore my Cute Kitsch gift further, and craft for the evening !!

Oooooohhh… the excitement!!





thelittlestpolkadot xo


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  1. Love the post Sarah! Great writing😄❤️thank you so much!

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