Happiness .. Is there anything more important ?


This past week has been so exciting, and fulfilling . Blogging is something that has been niggling away at the back of my mind for a few months now . I adore writing, and have done for many years . From a young age, I have been a bookworm . I was the child who read under the duvet long after my parents thought I was asleep! I just couldn’t resist a good book. A really good book can instantly transport you to a different world ! Nothing has changed . Although, as an adult, it can be more difficult to fit some quality reading time into a busy schedule . But reading , and broadening your mind is important . I try to make a concious effort to pick up a book, and tuck into it . It’s so worthwhile.

Blogging, for me, is a medium for me to write about the things I love, and share it with people ! The blogging community in the West and in Ireland, in general, are so supportive, and a great bunch of like-minded people. I really hope you all have enjoyed some of the topics I have been writing about over the past few days . I love to bake, I love thrifty bargains, fashion, and the prettier things in life, and hope to continue writing about these things , and other topics that interest me .

I have a tendency to put things on the long finger out of fear of criticism . I think we all have the same inate fear somewhere inside us. It prohibits us from true happiness, and expressing ourselves fully . I have a really creative side , and it is such a joy to be able to display that side of myself . I am so excited for the future of this blog!

Thank you so much for reading my blog posts, and your support ! It has been truly heart-warming !

Have a fabulous long weekend, make the most of it ! If you are given an opportunity, grab it with both hands . We only have one life .

Is there really anything more important than being happy in life ?

Live life , love life

thelittlestpolkadot xo








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